OneStack Calendar
A clean and powerful calendar app for organizing your life

"This is so far better than any others I can't believe it."

"With each update this app makes my life cleaner and simpler. I live by my calendar app and this proves to be the best!"

Enjoy the crisp and clean day view.
We took out all the extra bars and buttons so you can look at your daily events. If you're frustrated with the cluttered and inefficient interfaces in other calendar apps, then OneStack Calendar is the app for you.
Edit multiple events.
Select multiple events to share, delete, or move them to the next day.
Add detailed recurrence rules.
Easily add rules like "Every 2 months on the 1st of the month".
View daily summaries in the month view.
Hold your finger on a day in the month view to see a summary for that day.
Search for events.
Quickly search all your events. View your events in a list.

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